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We deliver visibility, control, traceability, interoperability and collaboration

Connectivity We complement your existing IT and OT systems and infrastructure and enable holistic connectivity throughout your business and supply chain
DataSpace We build your industrial DataSpace to give you control and enable interoperability and collaboration throughout your supply chain
Digital-Twins We standardise all your data by creating a Digital-Twin based data model of your business, and empower management and operations with actionable insights and intelligence
Smart Factory We offer Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 technology solutions for the end-to-end digital transformation of your business, plug-and-play enabled by your Dataspace

Strategic and operational value creation

We use DataSpace and Digital-Twin technology to enable visibility, interoperability and collaboration, to unlock strategic and operational value across your end-to-end value chain

Business case
Smart Factory Projects to improve Time to value by up to 80% and visible ROI in months not years, e.g. an automotive manufacturer implementing an agile approach to deploy Technology across his global facilities.

Pre-conditions and restrictions

  • Ability to deploy internally-built solutions or externally procured solutions over the same central platform
  • Ability to plug and play solutions at shop floor with minimal skilled technology resources
  • Ability to interoperate between solutions
  • Central IT governance to scout, test and approve solutions for global deployments
  • Adherence to open Industry 4.0 standards
  • Ability for secured data exchange inside and outside shop floor boundaries

Solution workflow

  • Register company for a private Dataspace (a dedicated secured Dataspace for each customer)
  • Register factories and create factory instances for each global location (load your factory footprint in one step)
  • Platform administrators enables IT/OT connectivity to factory instance (IT/OT connectivity for all leading ERP/MES/PLC/DCS as a service)
  • Subscribe required solutions
  • Application active and ready to use

Business case

Integrated customer feedback and real operational data for continuous improvement of machines. This allows a machine manufacturer to extend their product portfolio by offering data-driven services, such as equipment health monitoring and predictive maintenance to customers, as on-demand subscription-based services.

Pre-conditions and restrictions

  • Secured Machine connectivity to the internet
  • Customer requires complete ownership of data (transparent, audit-ready data trails, integrated data usage policies)

Solution workflow

  • Digital-Twin of machine published over manufacturer DataSpace
  • Digital-Twin Instance shared to the customer via IndustryApps, email or QR code
  • Customers can scan and import the Digital-Twin to their DataSpace
  • Customers can subscribe solutions of interest (OEE, predictive maintenance, etc.) from the IndustryApps open marketplace
  • Customer can assign permissions to machine on demand
  • Manufacturer application receives data based on permissions granted
  • Manufacturer delivers services based on shared data

Business case

Machines can be offered to customers in an attractive pay-per-use business models, allowing the machine manufacturer to leverage machine quality as strength over costs. An example is a manufacturer of industrial equipment who offers his products via a pay- per-use, cost-per-parts or cost-over-time.

Pre-conditions and restrictions

  • The equipment or machine remains under the ownership of the manufacturer
  • The machine has connectivity and is operational from the manufacturer's Dataspace

Solution workflow

  • Customer receives credentials to view the Digital-Twin over the manufacturer platform
  • Pay-per-use logics are embedded in the Digital-Twin data model
  • Customer has access to selected applications over the platform
  • Customer has access to their permitted portfolio of machines via the platform

Business case

Access to product life-cycle beyond sales and services, allowing machine manufacturer to improve sustainability measures goals by supporting the product journey from design to recycling. An example could be an OEM seeking to implement end-to-end product traceability, including design, procurement, production, deployment, repair and recycling.

Preconditions and restrictions

  • No centralised system or solutions
  • Flexibility for value-chain partners to utilise multiple solutions

Solution workflow

  • Manufacturer creates a Digital-Twin template with all key elements from design, simulation, nameplate, repair and recycling
  • As part of the machine deployment, the manufacturer delivers the Digital-Twin instance of the machine to the customer
  • Customer has ability to import the Digital-Twin as master data in his data instance
  • Customer enhances the Digital-Twin with maintenance information
  • Customer has access to the recycling partner in the machine's EOL
  • Recycling partner updates the machine status to EOL and recycles components

Business case

A global manufacturer of food products powder is considering to offer end-to-end traceability of all batches supplied to customers. The business case enables the manufacturer to meet the growing Customer demand for sustainable business practices, to monitor and reduce the carbon foot print impact, and to collaborate across the vertical value chain.

Pre-conditions and restrictions

  • No centralised solutions across value-chain
  • Flexibility for value-chain partner to deliver data in multiple methods
  • Clear data ownership and data sovereignty

Solution workflow

  • Manufacturer builds a Digital-Twin template for ingredients and raw materials with all key specifications for product, quality, storage conditions and batch details, for each stage of processing from farm to the final product
  • Manufacturer integrates with common farming data systems used by the farming community in each country
  • Manufacturer injects manufacturing data from own factory systems like ERP, MES, PLC/DCS Storage condition data in each phase of product life cycle, including critical parameters like storage condition injected from existing storage management system
  • Transport related information gets injected into the data model from existing TMS system

Business case

Deliver holistic business services across equipment categories, including competitor products, to win markets. An example is global market leader in industrial drives and motors seeking to extend its service portfolio by offering business services (support/spare parts/ predictive maintenance) for competitor products.

Pre-conditions and restrictions

  • Customer has access to all equipment nameplate data, either via IndustryApps, directly from the manufacturer, or via alternatives routes

Solution workflow

  • OEM offers a standard service over the open marketplace, which all customers can subscribe
  • Customer can share data from all assets, including competitor assets, to the service application
  • Service Application can access data, including data from competitor assets, and deliver value-added services for assets

Business case

Continuous delivery of innovations to customers to fit the fast evolving technology landscape. An example is a global market leader in industrial gear equipment manufacturing intending to deploy a curated evolving Appstore for their machinery, and drive 3rd party community developers to create solutions for the machines.

Pre-conditions and restrictions

  • Customer has cloud connectivity enabled for all machines

Solution workflow

  • Manufacturer publishes the Digital-Twin template with a live instance of equipment for community developers
  • Manufacturer curates proven Apps specific to machine model/category and publishes to IndustryApps AppStore
  • Manufacturer shares AppStore with customers for subscription
  • Customers can see Apps by equipment and can subscribe and deploy solutions based on requirements

A new paradigm for industrial digital transformation

We make Industry 4.0 accessible for every organisation, regardless of digital maturity, size or industry sector.

Success Stories


End-to-end factory digitalisation
  • DataSpace, Digital-Twin data model and modular applications covering all key processes
  • MES and production line integration with real-time data posting to ERP
  • Product traceability at pallet level
  • Integrated quality, maintenance, and WIP management


Data standardisation and functionality
  • DataSpace and Digital-Twin data model for centralisation and standardisation of data
  • All active and passive data sources from different systems and environments in various locations
  • Central semantic library enabling data usage and interoperability across sites


Cloud-based smart factory environment
  • Edge connectivity of PLC systems
  • Digital-Twin data model collecting real-time data from the machines and production lines
  • OEE solution for machine productivity monitoring and performance management
  • Al-based anomaly detection and root-cause detection


Operational transparency and performance
  • DataSpace and Digital-Twin data-model of production facilities for improved operational transparency
  • Real-time data collection from production lines using IloT sensors
  • OEE application and factory dashboard solution for real-time reporting of performance, including safety and quality

Digitalisation from pilot to roll-out, in one step

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